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Welcome to I-PhiT Foundation

I-PhiT is a nation’s leading health and wellness non-profit organization focusing on children/youth and senior citizens with health issues. It serves their needs and interests through health counseling, health screening, eliminating health disparities, educational training, and community services throughout the country.

I-PhiT works to increase the opportunities for and abilities of children/youth and senior citizens to make healthy decisions about their lifestyles. I-PhiT accomplishes our goals by initiation, participation and promotion of free educational workshops for all via introductory events at schools, youth centers, and community health fairs and other health or physical fitness emphasized events.

It’s our passion to see that every individual has the basic knowledge, effective training and heightened awareness necessary to maintain their own health sufficiently and successfully. We are living in an age where new techniques for mental and health care are in great demand.

I-PhiT has new and improved techniques that put us in the forefront of providing health care and wellness services. On the other hand, we differ from the traditional service providers because of our added personal touch. We are eager and ready to respond to both extremes of the lifestyle spectrum, in order to eliminate the disparities that exist in health and well-being attainment for each life we encounter. I-PhiT is supported by private donations, federal and state contracts, grants from private foundations and business sponsorship.


Program Objectives

Improving our community’s health through lifestyle and habit modification.

Utilization of new techniques of counseling for mental and health care needs of our community.

Increase the awareness and benefits of habitual daily physical fitness, proper nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices by introductory events and health programs.

Making free health screenings accessible to all, regardless of economic status or other limiting factors.

Community-wide promotion through educational initiatives clearly outlining the benefits of physical activity, proper nutrition and yearly monitoring of results.

Eliminating disparities in health, safety and well-being for all community participants.


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Improving our community’s health

Prevention is the best strategy to improve the health and the best strategy of prevention is early screening. I-PhiT is promoting the education of nursing students by providing help in completing of their health screening for the community. I-PhiT is organizing the lecture seminars in local hospitals to promote the early prevention.

Promoting Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are necessary for a successful life. I-PhiT is promoting the health and fitness through educational initiatives, a partnership with universities for research and production of monthly newsletters and TV shows by outlining the benefits of healthy living, physical activity, and proper nutrition.

Eliminate Health Disparities

A persistent gap is present between the health status of minorities and non-minorities. I-PhiT is trying to remove this gap by public health initiative which is designed to dramatically increase the awareness and benefits of habitual daily physical fitness, proper nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices.

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